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CLIA Waived Lead Care II




LeadCare II Analyzer Kit

(1 Kit)

The LeadCare II analyzer is a CLIA Waived system for the determination of lead in blood. The analyzer kit consists of the portable blood-lead testing instrument, AC power cord, AA batteries, User's Guide (English and Spanish) and Quick reference guide, instructional video, and CDC blood collection video. (FREE BOX OF 48 LEADCARE TEST KITS)


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Product Insert


LeadCare II Test Kit

(48 Tests)

The LeadCare II Test Kit contains materials to perform 48 tests. The kit consists of 48 sensors, 48 tubes of treatment reagent, capillaries and plungers, transfer droppers, 2 levels of quality control, and a calibration button.


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Product Brochure


Label Printer for LeadCare II Test Kit

(1 Printer)

For use with the Lead Care II Analzyer.


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Printer Rolls for Lead Care II Printer

(2 Rolls)

For use with the Lead Care II Analzyer.


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